About Downtown Overland Park

Located on either side of Metcalf between 78th and 83rd streets in the heart of Overland Park, Downtown Overland Park is an integral part of our community’s heritage. Situated on the historic Santa Fe Trail, it originally bustled with horse-drawn traffic, the famous Steam Electric Interurban Railroad Line, gravel streets, a dance hall, restaurant, dry goods store, blacksmith shop, an aviation park and other popular amenities that people enjoyed daily.

The City of Overland Park traces its roots back to 1905 with the arrival of its founder William B. Strang Jr., who platted subdivisions along a military roadway. Strang envisioned a “park-like” community that was self-sustaining and well planned. He also sought strong commerce, quality education, vibrant neighborhoods, convenient transportation and accommodating recreational facilities. Strang named one of his subdivisions “Overland Park.”

In the early 1990s, city officials began focusing their efforts on renovating the historic downtown area. The Clock Tower Plaza was dedicated, and the Farmers’ Market Pavilion was constructed.

Downtown Today

More than a century later, Downtown Overland Park’s charming past and small town flavor have grown into a modern and vast array of nearly 300 locally owned and operated businesses. The area is known as a strong community, focused on great food, the arts, and friendly local businesses lining the walkable streets and close-knit buildings.

About the Downtown Overland Park Partnership

The Downtown Overland Park Partnership is a non-profit organization contracted by the City of Overland Park to advance the marketing, recruitment, physical enhancement and continued redevelopment of Downtown Overland Park. The Partnership serves as a liaison between businesses, the City of Overland Park, the Overland Park Chamber of Commerce, and the community as a whole.


Contact Information

Angie Mutti, Executive Director

Ellie Light, Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Downtown Overland Park Partnership
7221 W. 79th St.
Overland Park, KS 66204
Phone: (913) 642-2222

2021 Board of Directors

Past President: Hal Shapiro | REAL Property Group | (816) 918-8517
President: Travis Lindemoen | nexus IT Group | (913) 579-2603
Vice President: Dana Markel | Visit Overland Park
Treasurer: Janiece Vohland | Strang Line Neighborhood | (913) 706-8910
Secretary: Natalie Scott | EPC Real Estate Group | (913) 302-6837

Elaine Johnson | Harper’s Fabric & Quilt | (913) 648-2739
April Zobel | The Andersons Inc.
Brenda Sharpe | REACH Healthcare Foundation
Holly Grummert | Overland Park City Council
Kate Gunja | City of Overland Park
Tim Holverson | OP Chamber of Commerce
Paul Lyons | Overland Park City Council
Dana Markel | Visit Overland Park
James Shetlar | Law Firm of James Shetlar
Terrie VanZandt-Travis | Growing Futures
Paula Yoakum | Central Bank of the Midwest
Bret Richardson | Hunt Midwest/The Vue
Kelsey Sundet | BRR Architecture
Kassie Murphy | Ensemble