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This Kansas City Mama: A Gal’s Gift Guide to DOP

This Kansas City Mama shares her Downtown OP gift picks for all the important ladies in her life


The holidays are here and I know sometimes they can be a little overwhelming… Creating a holiday bucket list, finding the time to do all your favorite family traditions, and the list goes on. But I have to say, finding the perfect gift for each person in my life seems to be the hardest one of all!

This past weekend,  I took some time to shop around the darling sidewalks of Downtown Overland Park and I put together the must-have gifts for all the ladies on my list. Myself included! So grab a cup of hot cocoa and read up on all the items I’ve added to my Downtown OP Gift Giving Guide!

The Girlfriend Gift Guide:

My friends and I have recently become interested in crystals, their meanings, and how their healing powers align with our zodiac signs. For my health-seeking girlfriend, I was drawn to the oil-diffusing bracelets at Very Well KC. I think gifting something like this would be a perfect way to help spread positivity in the New Year. Along with the bracelet, I would gift an essential oil, either the relax synergy or self-esteem oil! Rub the oils on the bracelet and voilà, you are a cloud of good energy!


I also love the idea behind the Shower Affirmation note cards from ensemble. Simply select a card from the pack, get it wet, attach it to your shower wall, and repeat it to yourself. What a great way to start the day! This would be such a nice touch to include in a self-care gift set to a gal pal and would work well for any age. 

The Mom Gift Guide:

Years ago, when we lived in Virginia, my mom and I would have afternoon tea parties with neighbors. I would get home from school, we would send out the call, and they would come over for a kitchen table chat over a steaming mug of tea. So when I was visiting the Pretty Posy Boutique, I really liked the idea of picking up this cute four-pack set of tea. A delicious and sentimental combo perfect for her this season! I’d like to think just about any mom would be elated to open up a gift with these cute teas included. 

In keeping with my thirst for all things zodiac, how amazing are these Zodiac Perfumes from ensemble? I had to test my own and of course, it’s the BEST scent! A little spicy and a little woodsy, which just happen to be some of my favorite aromas. My mom is an Aquarius and based on the handy scent guide, the blend is SO her! Seriously, this is a fabulous and fun gift for your mom!


The Sister Gift Guide:

I don’t have a sister. But, if I did, I would try to get her something I know she would treasure. Or, maybe I would just get something I love and could ask to borrow it. Either way, these JaxKelly gemstone studs from ensemble are another sweet giftable that caught my eye. Can you see a recurring theme for my gift-giving this year? Each stone provides a meaning, Rose Quarts = Love, Smoky Quartz = Protection. What sister wouldn’t want a darling accessory that gives them affirmation with each wear?

Gifting spiral journals are always a must for the people I love! I like to use mine for lists, recipes and jotting down ideas for my future posts. These cute ones from Very Well KC are small enough to fit in a handbag or tote and look super cute when in use. Paired with her favorite writing utensils, these journals would make for a thoughtful gift for any type-A sisters out there!

The Hostess Gift Guide:

It’s the holiday season, which means it’s also PARTY season! Having hosted more than my fair share of gatherings over the years, I can say that small gifts with even just a little thought behind them mean the most. I don’t know about you but many of my friends and family can quote holiday movies verbatim, which is why The Christmas Movie Cookbook from Hatch + Home would make for a great hostess gift! It provides 65 recipes from a list of favorite holiday movies, including Really Rich Hot Chocolate from “The Polar Express.” Yum!

Don’t know the hostess all that well? Sometimes a candle is an easy way to go. The Scentsational Candy Cane Lane and Christmas Spirit candles also sold at Hatch + Home were delightful! Snag one before they’re gone!


But if you’re running late and don’t want to show up empty-handed, swing by The Bottle Shop for a bottle of wine! They have you covered with fun brands like Ercole Pet Nat and Wild Thing (both crowd-pleasers!). Sure, you thought about canceling, but you decided to dress up, make an appearance, and now you’ve got the perfect sips to bring along. They even have some funny (and slightly ridiculous) wine tags by the register!


The For Me Gift Guide:

Let’s be honest, just because I was window shopping for others, doesn’t mean I wasn’t looking for myself! Come on, we all do it. So, what’s on my list for Santa (or my husband, if he happens to see this)? I’ll tell ya. From Very Well KC, I would love to receive a gift card so I could get treated to either the full body massage or a Reiki and Energy Healing session. From ensemble, I found a cozy shacket I absolutely adore! I love the colors and the warmth. Just look how it works with what I was already wearing! And lastly, I absolutely loved the Beer Advent Calendar from The Bottle Shop. What a cool idea! I’m a beer-loving girl and this is super fun! I might even share. 

No matter who, or what, you are shopping for this holiday season, make sure you stroll through Downtown Overland Park. The shops are so fun to browse, the carols playing over the sound system help put you in the spirit, and nothing feels better than knowing all of your gifts are being purchased from local businesses. Happy Shopping!! 




AKA: This Kansas City Mama