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Reach your Fitness Goals with Downtown OP

We've gathered a list of all the gyms and fitness studios in Downtown Overland Park, so you can find your best fit!


Whether your fitness goals are big or small this year, Downtown Overland Park is here to help you prioritize all of your health and wellness needs. With a wide variety of exercise styles, classes, instructors and trainers, we believe there is truly a perfect fit here for everyone. Keep reading to learn more about Downtown OP’s best fitness hubs— and which one you’ll try!


The HOTWORX studio in Downtown OP offers a broad selection of isometric and HIIT workouts led inside infrared saunas by certified Virtual Instructors. With the combination of heat, infrared energy and exercise, HOTWORX offers 3x the sweat in ⅓ of the time. The workouts are all around 15-30 minutes, making them very practical for busy schedules! Learn more about memberships here.

Very Well KC

As a healing arts collective, Very Well KC brings all your wellness services together under one roof. Their philosophy takes a holistic whole-person approach. With experienced practitioners, healers, coaches and passionate educators, Very Well KC is ready to join you on your wellness journey. From restorative yoga to mat pilates and yin zen meditation, you can find time for mindfulness and peace in your day within their calming space. Click here to read about their knowledgeable team and a variety of services and memberships.

Fusion Fitness

Ready to get your sweat on? Fusion Fitness is known for its high-energy, quick-paced, boot camp-style workout classes. If you are looking for a cardio high, strength training and toning or a little mix of everything, this is the place for you! The intensity pays off— you’ll for sure want to come back for more! To read about specific classes, view membership rates and check out the impressive list of instructors, head to their website.


At loVELO, they believe fitness is about more than just breaking a sweat. Owner Becca Pento wanted to create a space for people to have fun, connect and do life together, all while enhancing health through cycling. Becca’s approach includes small class sizes, personal coaching and getting rid of that dreaded  “gymtimidation.” Find your groove by trying out an indoor rhythm ride spin class or check out one of the flexibility and mobility-focused sessions. To see the full class schedule, click here.

F45 Training

As the newest addition to Downtown Overland Park, F45 is quickly growing in attraction. All classes are 45 minutes (hence the name!) with a specialization in functional training. Designed to help you move and perform better in your everyday activities, exercises typically involve the use of your full body and multiple muscle groups. You can expect to sweat a lot during these circuit-style trainer-led classes. Ready for the challenge? Find out more info here!

Yoga Gallery

The expert teachers at Yoga Gallery will ensure you feel confident at any skill level. Start with a yoga fundamentals class to develop greater body awareness and get accustomed to the most commonly practiced yoga poses. Already fluent in yoga? Enroll in a mixed-level class, where the teacher guides you through connecting posture with breath and fine-tuning your movements. Be sure to catch one of their free summer classes in the courtyard at Strang Hall! Visit their website to find the right class for you.


For over 12 years, Physiques has offered pilates, Gyrotonic® and Crosscore® classes at their Downtown Overland Park Studio. Embracing the model of a healthy body, healthy mind and healthy spirit, certified instructors will work closely with you to create customized workouts. Try out a pilates class to focus on strengthening the muscles that support the spine or check out a Crosscore® class to explore balance and coordination through a pulley system. In need of a workout that’s gentle on your joints? The Gyrotonic® method at Physiques is just that! Read more about their variety of classes and offerings here.

Front Door Fitness

Get one-on-one training tailored to your specific goals with Front Door Fitness! Their team of fun, educated personal trainers can help you get stronger, lose weight, improve your nutrition and more. Front Door offers virtual instruction, group sessions at KC workplaces, in studio classes or you can have them meet you at your favorite gym around the metro. Whichever way you prefer, you can expect a 100% trainer-match guarantee. To get an exact price estimate, fill out their quick survey here.

hOMe Holistic

Considered KC’s First Prenatal/Postpartum Yoga Studio, hOMe Holistic is a one-stop-yoga and wellness center focused on creating a safe space for mothers to connect, heal and learn. The idea stems from when founder and owner, Ashley Walburn wanted to provide pregnant and birthing mothers with the support she wished she had during her own pregnancy. Along with birthing services and support, hOMe Holistic offers prenatal yoga and OMbaby + Mama classes. Check out their website to learn more.

Matt Ross Community Center

Looking for a way to get the whole family involved? A Matt Ross Community Center membership might be the right fit for you! With state-of-the-art fitness equipment, experienced trainers and class instructors, a fun indoor pool and a variety of programs, the community center promotes a healthy lifestyle all ages can take part in. Learn more about the many amenities here.