UL Prospector

The Prospector® search engine from UL combines the information and application platforms of Innovadex, the leading specialized chemicals & food ingredient search engine, and IDES, the leading online resource for plastics and metals. IDES and Innovadex were launched separately by engineers and scientists who recognized the information exchange inefficiencies between suppliers and product manufacturers.

After more than two decades of building the most complete and current technical data resources for the industries they served, the two platforms have come together to jointly offer the Prospector® search engine. UL has a long history of advancements in safety science and supply chain innovation. The Prospector® search engine is an important resource for customers globally. UL has been the world leader in product safety for 120 years, helping manufacturers deliver safe, healthy and sustainable products to consumers everywhere.

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Welcome Back!

Downtown Overland Park businesses are now following Johnson County's plan to reopen. This will look different for each of our restaurants, retailers, and service providers, but we'll continue to share how you can support Downtown OP via our COVID-19 Resource. We're so grateful for this community, and we look forward to seeing you again in person soon.




We will continue to provide updates via social media and our website, but for now, know that your friends in Downtown Overland Park are hard at work collaborating on best practices with our partners in the community.


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