Calvert & Associates

Kathy J Calvert
Clinical Social Work/Therapist, LSCSW

Life can be difficult and from time to time we fall into a “funk”. Whether that means you find yourself filled with anxiety and worry or your mood is down and sad, you know you are not functioning like your normal self. Perhaps you are struggling with a life transition that has set you off balance. Or a primary relationship causes frequent agitation or feelings of isolation.

If you are feeling stuck and are searching for answers…I can help. I operate from the belief that: “if nothing changes…nothing changes.” In other words, if I keep doing the same thing…I’ll keep getting the same results. If I do something different, I’ll get different results.

Based on a goal directed, solution oriented perspective, I will collaborate with you to implement changes in your life to restore you to your best self.

8100 Marty Street